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Hm... lekker!


“No way!” “Yes, of course!” “Nooo, I am sure that not!” “Hey guys! What’s up? Why the screaming, San?” Ellen looked first to Joost, then to Alex who shook his head and then turned to me. “Ts. Joost here, says that the song ‘Eins, Zwei, Polizei’ continues with ‘Drei, Vier, Bregadier’. That is non-sense.” “Ok, what is it then, Miss Pukler?” “Well, it is  ‘Drei, Vier, Grenadier’, of course!! Ts. I mean really, Joost, who is the German here?” “Nah, ill go for bregadier!” “Oh yeah?! I bet you that it is GRENADIER!” My eyes started to get that wild slightly insane sparkle that they always get when I am faced with a thrilling challenge. (more…)


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